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Big Brother 17: Will Vanessa Expose Becky And Keep Her Own Game Alive?

9 Aug

The Big Brother house is bound for an explosive week when Becky makes Vanessa the replacement nominee, and blindsiding her in the process. Targeting Vanessa has been Becky’s top goal for the last few weeks. She distanced herself from Shelli and Clay due to their closeness with Vanessa, and John and Vanessa have never been on the same page. The combination of those things, plus Vanessa flipping the house to save Shelli last week, have ultimately made her the target.

But when Vanessa is blindsided, she will be bitter, vengeful, and will do anything possible to save herself. Vanessa was contemplating the idea of outing Becky last week, after seeing how Becky was getting info from James and running to Shelli and Clay last week. The most notable case was giving Shelli and Clay a heads up about being the potential target, which James has no idea about.

Among the power trio of James, Jackie, and Meg, James seems the easily influenced and the most willing to take every statement at face value. Meanwhile, Jackie appears more level-headed and has been onto Vanessa’s game for a few weeks.

When they find out this information about Becky, will they change their mind and evict Shelli? Will they give Vanessa another chance to inch closer to the end? Or will they ride the wave with Becky, and keep their four person alliance moving? This will undoubtedly be the story of the week, which is bound to be filled with conflict and controversy.

Stay tuned.